Geeta Desai has devised S.H.A.P.E. Diet which is Scientific, Holistic, Achievable, Personalized and Effective. The unique feature of this diet is that you don’t feel you are doing anything different and so is pursuable and more long lasting.

Her focus of consultancy is :

Customisation - Tailor Made Diets to suit the nutritional requirements, lifestyle & personal needs.

Counselling - Is the main forte which motivates & builds up confidence in achieving goals

Commitment - Long term commitment in making permanent lifestyle changes


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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Client Feedback

Farida Attarwala 2016 June FB - 29

From: "Farida Attarwala" <>
 14 June 2016 at 12:21:33 PM IST
Dear Geeta,
                 I am providing you feedback for the program which I began in Jan 2016.
Initially when I looked at the diet you sent across , I was wondering whether I would lose weight as there were no drastic cutouts of food from my regular diet .
But I kept faith and continued seriously with the diet prescribed , I felt comfortable throughout the day and energetic for my work too, also it gave me  a good idea how to balance and identify carbs, protein , fibre in my diet  and make sure to include all . Losing 500 gm weekly was very encouraging with regular exercise.
I had to travel almost every month and exposed to celebrations but I managed to pick the right food from the buffets under your guidance and that helped to keep the weight in control.
This has helped me a lot as social meetings are unavoidable and sensible eating outdoors is becoming easier to follow.
Under this guidance the entire family is eating healthy as all in different age groups but are able to derive energy and nutrition suitable to them.
Also different combinations and replacement of food  has made me relaxed to eat well and not feel guilty .

Thank you for your guidance and steering me towards healthy food habits.
Will keep in touch.

Farida Attarwala
Butterflyers Holidays Private Limited


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